As Chief Executive Officer & President, Burl Gregory has assembled a team of the industry’s most experienced and proven executives. Each Individual brings vast expertise and tireless dedication to the continual pursuit of excellence across the company’s wide reaching, most strategic, best-in-class investment portfolio.

 Burl Gregory

                                                                                              Chief Executive Officer/ President

   Born February 27, 1951 in Lubbuck Texas. Burl Gregory moved with his family to Orange County California as a child only to become the Langendorf Bread Boy that lasted for four years. He then became a successful entrepreneur at the age of 13, starting out in construction and real estate development industry. Then later, moving into finance, insurance, farming, and energy. 

   Gregory now has entered the green energy industry as ready and willing to conquer all (just as he does with every venture). Due to his near-death experience at the age of 49, Gregory has the ability to love everything that exists on earth and inspire others to reach their highest potential. With the full life he has lived, Gregory has earned a Masters and Doctorate from the University of Life on Planet Earth as a visionary of the future. He is always focused on turning dreams into reality via thought and image.

    Although he has been a yachtsman for 35 years, a philanthropist, and been labeled Mr. Palm because of his successful palm farms, Gregory still believes his greatest accomplishments are his happy marriage of 28 years and the fathering of his four beautiful children.