Jeff Huitt

                                                                                                      Chief Financial Officer

     Jeff has Financial, operational, analytical, and information systems experience as well as the ability to create business opportunities, solve problems, and increase shareholder wealth. Career Highlights Financial Management Professional Experience :Founded all finance and administrative functions for several companies including a telecommunications startup. Extensive Sarbanes-Oxley and SEC compliance Experience. Pre-IPO and IPO experience.  Led a team that created financial and operational controls safeguarding over $3 billion of funding for a $500 million in revenue wireless telephony start-up. Operations management of a $15M revenue (at 2 years) catalog and custom product start-up.  Demonstrated success in strategic and tactical CFO functions and controllership responsibilities. Built and led a team responsible for corporate governance and financial reporting that consistently met monthly financial commitments for 54 consecutive months.  Lead financial systems deployment efforts. Operations Management Built and managed the administration and operations processes for several companies in various industries.  Led teams and consulted with organizations responsible for the operations of finance, billing and collections and protection of assets.  Key participant in funding, investor relations, product development, market launch, systems development and operational governance teams. Strategic and Tactical Planning Experienced in creating and presenting business plans to obtain funding.  Venture and capital market experience and contacts.  Created strategic plans to obtain and/or continue financing from corporate-parent, private placement, venture and market sources.  Consultant and Principal, Orion Consulting 2004 – Present • Helped secure funding of $8 million for startup in defense materials procurement; provided financial operations support and strategic leadership to solve startup problems including rapid product development and complex accounting system and control needs. • Vetted several start-up opportunities for availability of capital, potential for success of concept, marketing, and leadership, and scalability. Provided expertise in SEC requirements for listing on OTC BB. • Built initial financial model for business plan for a startup electronic medical records company.


                                                                                                      Kevin Gregory

                                                                                                                   Vice President/Director of Operations

                                                                                                                         Solar and New Farm Technology

      Kevin Heads our operations department with over 23 years experience in farming and farm operations, Kevin is always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the job is done with a high level of leadership and knowledge in the industry. Kevin also has a passion for technology and brings forward thinking and cutting edge ideas to the table that translate into farms that run efficiently and seamlessly with the solar farm side of the business. Kevin has been with the company over 23 Years and continues to demonstrate excellent problem solving abilities and attention to detail. Kevin takes a hands on approach with a results oriented goal on each project.